Twitter, Instagram, and you.

The world has become a global village and in a matter of seconds, people interact with one another regardless of their location or distance from one another. The internet has really changed the way we do things and the use of the different social media networks has even made communication and interaction through the internet a lot fun and easier. Without any doubt, Facebook is the giant of social media. Twitter and Instagram have however made some name for themselves and this is due to their unique features that have led to a good number of users holding on to their devices and trying to keep up to date with friends and the latest happenings in the world.

Besides the obvious purpose of establishing communication and socializing with friends and loved ones that the likes of twitter and Instagram are known for, these social media platforms are also famous for being platforms of information dissemination. Business, news agencies, and even individuals take advantage of the huge number of users of social media to get their message across to millions of people on the different social networking sites.

Use of Twitter and Instagram

Below are different ways businesses and individuals use Instagram, Twitter and other such social media networking sites to fulfill their different objectives.

For businesses, communication and interaction with customers is of utmost importance. Social media networks have been discovered to be effective ways of reaching millions of people worldwide. Businesses look for free Instagram followers and free Twitter followers in order to easily and affordably spread their tentacles using social media. Not only does this help them reduce the cost of advertising, the effectiveness of social media marketing also means that they get more than they would ordinarily have in terms of sales if the other forms of advertising were employed.

For individuals, the concept of free Twitter followers and free Instagram followers are a no-brainer. This is due to the fact that as individuals that are not into social media marketing mainly for profit, the idea of parting ways with some dollars might sound absurd. The urge however, to get some popularity and feel like a celebrity even if it is on the internet requires that followers on Twitter and Instagram are sourced. It is therefore not uncommon for individual users on Instagram and Twitter to look for free Instagram followers and free Twitter followers in a bid to look famous without having to spend much.